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Stages of production

Mapping workshop

  • Workshop plans based on maps using specialized personnel and structures Updated with the help of three-dimensional software, modeling and mapping were prepared, reviewed and approved employer Technical Director of the company to build a production unit to be sent.

Materials and raw materials


  • According Lystvfr prepared on the basis of workshop plans, material consumption and production unit is delivered with high quality produce.

    bought employer and its quality documentation placed at the disposal of the employer.

    Screws, nuts and color: screws, nuts and adjust the required color characteristics specified in the documents attached to the contract of internal sources and maintain effective compliance with the sacrosanct principle and interest of the employer to be purchased.


  • Is the most basic part production line in which steel can be cut according to drawings Single part which contains the cold cut (a guillotine 6 meters, a 2 meter guillotine, a punching machine) and

    The heating (electric cutting machines and cutting CNC) is.

    In this section, cuts, including cutting of profiles, light and heavy plates, fittings and ... done.




  • In this section, if necessary cut stencil and investment by drilling devices, magnet and is drilling.




  • Assembly parts are cut and perforated on the map are located on the chassis assembly and structural elements to take shape.




  • At this stage all parts assembled on the map and defined Wps equipped welding machines, including submerged arc welding (SAW), coated electrode welding (SMAW) dovetails under the protection of gas (GMAW) welding are.




  • (slag), weld spatter (spatter), incomplete and scattered arch (arc strike) and distortion is affected by thermal stress.


 Sand blast or Shot blast


  • Sandblast or shot blast cleaning the unit moved parts and the technical specifications attached to the contract by sprinkling silica sand or metal pellets devoid of any contamination stuck on the rail.




  • Sandblast or shot blast cleaning equipment parts unit should As soon as the unit moved paint and different colors based on the technical specifications attached to the contract The chemical basis and according to defined thicknesses in an environment free of dust sprinkled on the piece.


Packing and loading


  • The parts needed on a priority basis, by qualified staff in such a way that damage the paint is inserted, the packing and loading.


Control and quality assurance components (Qc & Qa)


  • Quality control is monitored all stages of production units And using the most advanced laboratory equipment based on standards of dimensional control and welding control is carried out and the confirmation is issued....

Are we to say ... with the expertise, skill, honesty, even impossible becomes possible.


4 Buildings and building foundations

5 basic mechanical installations

Quality Certification

Member of Khorasan mass

Association of Construction Companies

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