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Multi-line information about TaghBist Steel Structures Company

TaghBist company backed by capable managers with more than 30 years of experience in construction in 2005,

according to the needs of East in the field of construction steel toe to left field Using up to date technology and relying on the knowledge of experienced technical and engineering groups with the obligation under the professional managers within less than ten years in the design, manufacture and installation of industrial and construction activity in the whole countryinto


A few lines of information about the Tagh Bist Company

Tagh bist steel structure company plant 45,000 square meters in land area on the outskirts of the city of Birjand .

The factory has 8,000 square meters of indoor space with all the equipment building (automatic machines, overhead cranes, wagons, etc.) and 34.500 square meters of ancillary buildings, warehouses and other facilities.

monthly 1000 tons of steel structure and achieve its objectives had been.

These objectives are mainly to do better and better quality of contractual obligations and provide professional innovations to improve the business value is added.

http://taghbist.com/images/Aks/SherkatHayeHamkar/TaghBist.jpgTagh Bist Co

Field of activity: design, construction and implementation of heavy steel structures

Year: 2005

http://taghbist.com/images/Aks/SherkatHayeHamkar/Avaradin.pngAva Radin Co

Fields: Civil - enforcement authorities

Year: 2006

http://taghbist.com/images/Aks/SherkatHayeHamkar/SamanRadin.pngSaman Radin Co

Fields: Building

Year: 2007

http://taghbist.com/images/Aks/SherkatHayeHamkar/SamanVision.pngSaman Vision Co

Field of activity: design, plan and facade and interior decoration and design three-dimensional modeling and three-dimensional modeling and structural calculations provided Dytylyng and workshop plans

Year: 2013

http://taghbist.com/images/Aks/SherkatHayeHamkar/AbarAzmUn.pngAbar Azmoun Co

Field inspection, testing and dimensional control of Structural Steel Welding

Year: 2013

Moallem Housing Project


Co-operative Housing army

Performance: 1393

Location: Ybrjnd

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Residential Projects Taleghani


Mr. Shkrz·hy

Performance: 1394

Location: Zahedan

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Cement Department Bagheran


Cement Bagheran

Performance: 1394

Location: Birjand

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Hall Gallery Bow Work


- - -

Performance: 1394

Location: Tehran

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Some Of Our Services

Industrial Structure

Includes a variety of industries such as cement, grain and forage and ...

Residential and Commercial Towers

Including high-rise and structures of class

Steel Bridges

Including bridges, car traffic and human traffic

Inclined halls, arched and ...

Includes a variety of sports venues, theater venues and ...

Tagh Bist

The main activities and engineering capabilities and performance.

A Many of us had been big fans of games like World of Warcraft, which most people play for years


  • Design, construction and operation of industrial halls and overhead cranes, gantry half gantry with different tonnage
  • Design, construction and operation of commercial and residential towers
  • Design, development and implementation of a variety of venues inclined, arched and amphitheater
  • Design, construction and implementation of steel bridges
  • Design, construction and implementation of heavy steel structures of power plants, steel mills, cement, silos and ...
  • Design, construction and implementation of hydraulic structures and hydromechanical

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Are we to say ... with the expertise, skill, honesty, even impossible becomes possible.

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Some comments from our customers

  • Use the tools and technology projects, one of the reasons for TaghBist high speed.
    Ali HosseiniRad Project employer residential Taleghani street
  • Close monitoring observers AbarAzmun on projects, the trust of customers and reputation of the company.
    Moein TafazzoliNasab Commercial Project Manager Modarres street
  • TaghBist company designed a unique design experts and in accordance with international design standards.
    Elahe Afshin Project employer residential Modarres street
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