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Capability and excellence, these simple but powerful words form the basis of Taghbist.

In taghbist, production quality, superior techniques and customer satisfaction are like the bricks that form its base.

One of the characteristics of Taghbist is that all the efforts of the people working there are to achieve complete customer satisfaction.

All these goals have caused this company to gain a special place in the steel and construction industry in a short time, and all employees are diligent in maintaining this name and reputation.

we welcome all clients and those who wish to have business cooperation with us.


Best regards


CEO of Taghbist co.

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IRAN-South Khorasan-Birjand city -Birjand Industrial town - Eastern Poyandegan Blvd. - Poyandegan Alley 7

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Postal code: 9719137899

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