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Engineering unit

In this unit using specialized and experienced designers and engineers to design and oversee the construction and installation of production facilities is presented.

The main activities of this unit:

Design and preparation of construction drawings for steel structures using the most advanced software analysis and design.

 Preparation of drawings for structural steel SHOP DRAWING using the most advanced three-dimensional modeling and mapping software.

The direct supervision of the manufacturing and assembly process.

Optimized design principles and resolve defects and problems that prevent problems during construction drawings is installed.


Software Features

App Usage
sap 200 Strcutural Design Software
Stadd III Strcutural Design Software
Etabs Strcutural Design Software
Takelaa Structure - X-Steel Structural Design & Shop Drawing Software
Mechanical Desktop Shop Drawing Software
ACAD Shop Drawing Software
BoCad Nesting Accessories
Auto Nest Nest Pro
Primavera , P3 Spread Sheet
Project project Control System
Windows Operating System
Access data Bank System
Power Point Desktop publishing
Word Word Processing
Excel Spread Sheet
Corel Draw Design
3D Studio 3D Architectural Presentation
Adobe PhotoShop Graphic Suite
Adobe Acrobat Reader PDF Reader

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